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all over the world

Our main services

go trought the code, get to the heart

factory goes digital
Software evolution

We take over your platform introducing new features and improving existing ones.

factory goes digital
Web platform lab

We can build custom digital products or services to fit your needs.

factory goes digital
Go mobile

Responsive Progressive Web Apps and Native apps development.

factory goes digital
Factory goes digital

Get real time state of your factory and manage it from any device.

BeatHey BeatHey

case studies


Engage the challenge of a straight calendar and deliver an increible platform in two weeks. From ideation to code.


Innovative as a routine, for long lasting products.

We share a culture of hard work​, collaboration​ and quality, every one of us is guided by a fundamental premise: focus on our clients’ success​.

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  • Your success is our success

  • We walk in your shoes

  • We believe in radical collaboration

  • Creative mindset

  • We love what we do


Get on board

Take a look at our open positions and apply to join this super team.

3 open positions
  • Development
  • Management
Semi Senior NodeJS Developer

La Plata, Argentina

Product Manager

La Plata, Argentina

DevOps Engineer

La Plata, Argentina


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